For things that need to be made in public and need collaborators, like half-baked wikipedia ideas

  1. Wikipedia Page on Dalit Art
    • I want to build a wikipedia page about dalit art or artists. Lots of the known information are current young artists for whom there may not be many independant sources
  2. Pattern Library on Offline Stores soliciting personal data
    • This project shows a concern for data privacy and the creep of surveillance capitalism. The aim to research and compile examples of how brick-and-mortar stores collect customer data, the intent is to advocate for better practices.
  3. Tech Translation - Alternatives from Etymology
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    • List of technology terms, how they came to be named and what do they actually do - for translators - if there is no similar metaphor in your language, to help you come up with better alternatives rather than using the loan word
    • an interest in language, communication, and the impact of technology on society. By exploring the etymology of technology terms, the aim is to provide better resources for translators and promote more culturally appropriate translations.
  4. South Asia - Awesome Digital History: A curated list of awesome things related to South Asian digital history
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    • This project focuses on curating and sharing digital resources related to South Asian history, regional digital history, digital archives, and open access to knowledge.
  5. Author Bios - Sahitya Akademi
    • This is a bunch of docs scraped from Sahitya Akademi that are detailed bios of some Indian authors. Most of them are from the time period 2006-09. The docs were merged. should do OCR on it, which hopefully gives usable strings of text that can be used as sources on wikipedia. Want to make detailed bios of Indian authors available to the public, which can potentially serve as valuable resources for researchers, students, and readers. -Sahitya Akademi Author Bios Sahitya Akademi Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming Internet Archive -
  6. if you learn 232 words and then listen to native speakers, you’ll get a decent grasp on any language
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    • This project aims to create a collaborative language learning resource by compiling a list of transliterated translations of common words in various languages. By learning these translations, language learners can quickly acquire basic vocabulary and engage in simple conversations in different languages. Similar to fluent-forever’s 625 words but adapted for indian languages
    • This project aims to make language learning more accessible by creating a collaborative resource of common words in various languages.